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Strengthen the value
of your products

We're combining Blockchain and NFC Technology to
build up trust and engagement with your brand

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What is it that we offer?

The solution consists of several core elements, all of them combined and provided by Fortify. Your product is enhanced by a secure module (NFC crypto chip), which acts as the anchor between the physical and digital world.

All data is stored in an open and decentralized blockchain network. Immutability and transparency are guaranteed. In order to strengthen your brand we offer fully customized mobile applications (Android, iOS) for your consumers to interact with your product: Prove its authenticity via the NFC crypto chip, claim and transfer ownership, check on product’s sustainability and provenance, and many more.

How our service can help your business

Make use of one or more of the following advantages of Fortify’s solution for your very own products



Blockchain-NFC chips, attached to your products, act as an anti-counterfeit solution to protect your brand.


Customer Engagement

Prove ownership, buy and sell products on the secondary market, collect digital and physical goods, blockchain tokens (NFT), and many more.



Build up trust by stating transparently how many items of a limited quantity really exist.

Supply Chain

Supply Chain Transparency

Track and trace any asset throughout its supply chain.

Our Services

High value or limited quantity products from various industries are secured by our solution

Stin Gin Stin Gin

Solution for high premium spirits

The spirits counterfeiting market is massive, especially when it comes to high premium products. Fortify’s solution for high premium spirits secures bottles of any type against counterfeiting, as already proven at a limited edition of 999 bottles of GIN. The STIN Distillers Cut was secured by NFC and blockchain technology which guarantees product authenticity, brand protection and transparency.

"See the solution in action"

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Arts: Authenticity & flourishing
secondary markets

Nowadays artists do not participate in the secondary market of their artworks - once sold they’re losing sight of it and do not benefit from reselling it anymore. Fortify gives back the power to artists and enables a flourishing secondary market. Each artwork is secured by a NFC chip and its ownership is tracked and changed on the blockchain. Artists gain some profit from every resell.

Trust and engagement for the fashion industry

Handbags, shoes, watches or glasses are just a few product categories which face tremendous problems with counterfeiting. On top of that customer engagement is low. Once bought the producer’s possibilities to increase customer’s interaction with the product or brand are low. Fortify changes that by creating a digital twin of each object on the blockchain and encourages customers to interact with.

Industrial applications: Track assets through its supply chain

Goods of any type in industrial processes can be linked via the NFC chip to a digital twin on the blockchain. Throughout the entire supply chain these goods can be tracked transparently. Costs for identifying, tracking provenance or getting trustful information about previous production steps can be reduced dramatically.

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See what others can’t

Did you ever face the problem of losing sight of your product once it was sold via retail? Fortify can solve this issue. With the application dashboard you get detailed insights about how your customers interact with your products: Where and when was its authenticity proved? Was it re-sold on the secondary market? Who is the current owner of the digital and/or physical asset? All this information is queried from the NFC-Chips and the blockchain and is presented in a user-friendly interface.

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Get in touch with us

For more detailed questions about our services please contact us and we will be happy to give you an overview of what’s possible.

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